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Arabic insults

How to Stop Urging in Arabic – Helpful Tips to Remember When Being Attacked in Arabic

It is well known that the language of Arabic is one of the oldest languages on the planet. This means that it contains a lot of Old World heritage. In addition to this, the Arabic language is closely related to the Persian language, and many people from the Middle East are bilingual in both languages. Unfortunately, due to the large number of speakers of Arabic around the world, it has been an increasingly difficult task for non-Arabs to learn and speak Arabic. Many individuals who wish to learn Arabic have resorted to learning some Arabic insults in order to mock Arabs have used them to attack non-Arabs.

What kind of person gives insults in Arabic? The person does not necessarily have to be Arab. Jokes about Arabs are often made in popular venues such as comedy clubs, television programs, or during parties. However, there are many more insults in Arabic that are directed at Muslims and Arabs than at any other group of people.

In everyday life, many Arabs and Muslims in the Western world tend to use insulting comments against each other. For example, in America, there are numerous incidents when a person is brutally attacked for whatever reason by an Arab-American. In certain countries, insults in the Arabic language are also used against people from other Arab countries. For example, there have been numerous reports of women in the United Arab Emirates being attacked and abused by men because they are Arabic. In fact, in some countries, the law against insulting another person is actually used to prosecute those who have made insulting remarks against Arabs, women, or any other group of people.

What does all of this have to do with Arabic? To understand this information, it’s important to understand the relationship between Arabic and its locals and people from various other regions of the world. Arabic is part of a language family known as alphabets, which include many Latin and Greek words, including Latin translations. The alphabet in Arabic, known as Arabic al-jabri, is very similar to the Hebrew alphabet, and the sound patterns of the Arabic language are very much like Hebrew, giving both languages a close resemblance to English.

As it happens, the Arabic language has three forms of addressing women. The traditional feminine form is « al sharif, » which means « grandma » or « aunt. » This is used to address older ladies in the family. The modern feminine form is « al sharbi, » which means « pregnant. » And the third type is « al sharbati, » which means « beautiful woman. » This last term denotes a woman of beauty, which is what the Arabs commonly refer to in their insults in Arabic.

It must be noted that insults in Arabic should never be taken personally. They should be directed at the person who offended you in the first place, as insulting the wrong person will only lead to more trouble (either inwards or outward). If you are ever in a situation where you’re being attacked or offended by an Arabic speaker, it is important to remember that you are not the target of the attack, and that you need to rise above it to confront it. The longer you allow the attack to go on, the angrier and angrier it will become.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of translated bad words, insults, insults, or affronts with the translation into phonetic Arabic for ease of use 🙂

Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions by email to gradually enhance this list to even better insult your loved ones 😀

Insult List in Arabic

  • Isibe ( bitch in Arabic)
  •  Zamel (Gay or queer in Arabic)
  •  Kerfa (lcowardly and pissed off in arabic)
  •  Oueld El Kahba (son of a bitch in arabic)
  •  Nall Dine Oumouk (fuck your mother in arabic)
  •  Balafamouk ( shut up in arabic)
  •  Tahen (motherfucker in arabic)
  •  Artaïl (queer in arabic)
  •  Khra (shit in arabic)
  •  Kharba (whore in arabic)
  •  Hagoune(a) ( Asshole in arabic )
  •  Rhnouna ( Glanders in arabic )
  •  Mosska Kharba ( Dirty whore in arabic )
  •  Mosska Hallouf ( Disguting pig in arabic )
  •  Bhim ( donkey or Mule in arabic )
  •  Lahace Laglawi (suck my balls in arabic)
  •  Hmar (donkey in arabic)
  •  Kelbe ( dog in arabic)
  •  Ateye ( queer in arabic)
  •  Clawi ( My balls in arabic)
  •  Sad Famak ( Shut up in arabic)
  •  Keboun (bastard in arabic)
  •  Zaname (queer in arabic)
  •  Bikelboun ( Child Raised By Dogs in arabic)
  •  Dawa (mess in arabic)
  •  Charmouta (shit in arabic)
  •  Wjah Zabi ( dick head in arabic)
  •  Sir Thawa (go fuck you in arabic)
  •  Manyouk (motherfucker in oriental arabic)
  •  Izan(shit in Kabyle arabic )
  •  Mahboul ( crazy in arabic )
  •  Tqawed ( Fuck off / Go do you in arabic )
  •  Tahen ( asshole in arabic)
  •  Narte Belemouck (your mother the whore in arabic)
  •  Zoukoumouc ( In Your Mother’s Ass ,in arabic)
  •  Nejeleh Fi Kehba ( son of a bitch in arabic)
  •  Ahchounimek ( your mother’s pussy in arabic)
  •  Nardenemouk ( fuck off in arabic )
  •  Halouf (Porc in arabic)
  •  Barra Nayek (kiss my ass in arabic)
  •  Qahla (bitch in arabic)
  •  Khty Fi Kahba ( Bitch girl in arabic )
  •  Khty Fi Haluf ( Pig Girl in arabic)
  •  Ratail ( queer in arabic)
  •  Nardinamouk ou nardinemouk ou nordinemouk ( Fuck your mother in arabic)
  •  Zamel Bouk ( your fagot father in arabic)
  •  Taboun Dimek (your mother’s pussy in arabic )
  •  Wlid Kahba (son of a bitch in arabic)
  •  Mosse Zebi (suck my dick in arabic)
  •  Kalbah ( female dog in arabic)
  •  Ibn Al Khelb (son of a dog in arabic)
  •  Bagra ( big in arabic)
  •  Ramo Miche (lick my shit in arabic)
  •  Nadin Bébek ( fuck your father in arabic )
  •  Miboun (slut in arabic)
  •  Khaïb/khaïba ( naughty in arabic)
  •  Kahba ( bitch in arabic)
  •  Sbelliz(small dick in arabic)
  •  Ralah Di Smouk ( Fucking shit in arabic )
  •  Shlag ( Tramp in arabic)
  •  Keh (bitch in arabic)
  •  Kouffar ( disbelieving in arabic)
  •  Khemja (filthy in arabic)
  •  Zebi (my bitch in arabic)
  •  Penisto (dick in arabic)
  •  Toz (i fuck you in arabic)
  •  Oss(pussy in arabic)
  •  Nouna(pussy in arabic)
  •  Mosska Kelbe (dirty dog in arabic)

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